The Bradford Bulls Foundation proudly announces the much-anticipated relaunch of the revamped Bulls Talent Pathway (BTP) program for 2024. With an increased investment in the development of young athletes, the 2024 BTP is set to redefine training opportunities for young talent in Rugby League.

Dedicated to nurturing the potential of aspiring athletes, the BTP 2024 program consists of three blocks of four training sessions each. These sessions have been designed to elevate skills, enhance agility, fortify mindset, and bolster confidence among participants. Additionally, the program includes competitive games conducted within a professional setting, providing invaluable real-time experience to the athletes.

The schedule for the BTP 2024 sessions is structured around Mondays in February, April, June, and August, offering a consistent and progressive learning platform for the participants. The first monthly Monday session is scheduled to kick off at Bradford College, followed by subsequent sessions held at Tong Leadership Academy.

Central to the success of the BTP 2024 program are the foundation’s esteemed and qualified coaches. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, enabling them to guide, mentor, and inspire the budding talent attending the sessions.

The BTP 2024 program shows how much the Bradford Bulls Foundation cares about helping young athletes grow in both sports skills and as all-around individuals. This program’s well-planned lessons and professional approach aim to shape the future Rugby League superstars.

Designed for boys and girls aged under 12 and up, this program is a fantastic opportunity to hone skills, build teamwork, and have a blast on the field. You can opt for the full package for £45 or simply drop in and pay as you go.

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