What is PDRL?

Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) is a full contact version of the game adapted for participants with a physical disability who want to access a running version of Rugby League.

Notably since then, landmark events have taken place such as Warrington travelling to Australia to play and win in the first ever PDRL World Club Challenge. The fixture was inspired by comedian – and PDRL player – Adam Hills who is an integral part of the Warrington side and had always wanted to play for South Sydney Rabbitohs. Hills is a big advocate for PDRL bringing a documentary named ‘Adam Hills: Take His Legs’ to Channel 4 in 2019 which details Warrington’s trip Down Under.

PDRL is a competitive offer but has a wider focus on enjoyment in participating in team sport as well as impact on all the wider social benefits the sport of Rugby League provides. Players can join a team to get involved with training sessions, festivals, and competitions.

How to play

PDRL, in the UK, is played on a 50m X 100m pitch and is a nine-a-side version of Rugby League. Teams include a minimum of seven physically disabled players and two non-disabled players who act as facilitators, although this is not a prerequisite, during the game.

The game includes full contact tackles, but players who have a disability that restricts them from safely playing full contact are permitted to play Touch RL tackle rules. On the field these players are identified by wearing red shorts. There is a maximum of two physically disabled players on the field of play at any one-time playing Touch RL rules.

Each game lasts 50 minutes (25 x 2 halves).

Where can I play?

PDRL is an example of the fantastic community work undertaken by Club Foundations. The work carried out by these foundations has driven the incredible growth of all Disability Rugby League formats.

Prospective players can contact us directly to find out more about playing opportunities. Please e-mail jonathan.armstrong@bullsfoundation.org