Kieron Johnson


Sponsored by Bake n Butties Sunderland

David Gregson

Sponsored by Wendy from Moorhelp and City Away Days

Jon Bairstow

Sponsored by The Bairstow Family and the Lee Family

Michael Tales

Available for sponsorship

Richard Wright

Sponsored by Carolyn & Antony and St Pauls Chambers

Samuel Stebbings

Sponsored by Fate & Fings Design

Scott Pryah

Sponsored by Teresa Doran

Stephen Potter

Available for sponsorship

Connor Hines

Available for sponsorship

Nathaniel Wright

Sponsored by Sue & John Cater

Logan Lamont

Sponsored by Ontrak Bike Shed & Donnors Craft and Crystals

Anthony Sheldrake

Available for Sponsorship

Becky Wilkinson


Sponsored by Yes Driving School and UK Swim School

George Hall

Available for Sponsorship

Lewis Crabtree

Non Playing Squad Member