The Bradford Bulls Foundation regrets to announce that Nathaniel Wright, who made his Super League debut last year, will be transferring to Halifax for the upcoming season due to changes in the rules impacting his ability to remain with Bradford.

Ideally, the plan was for Nathaniel to continue with the Bradford Bulls and participate in the dual registration program. However, given the altered circumstances, Nathaniel has made the difficult decision to join Halifax and become an integral part of their Super League squad.

This decision was not made lightly, as Nathaniel holds deep affection for Bradford and the team. His dedication to the Bulls has been evident throughout his time with the club. However, Nathaniel believes that this move is necessary for him to pursue excellence at the highest level of the sport and explore new and exciting opportunities.

Nathaniel extends his heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who has played a role in supporting him on his journey with the Bradford Bulls. He is genuinely saddened to leave behind a community that has been instrumental in his growth and development.

Despite the transfer, Nathaniel will continue to be part of the Bradford Bulls family, attending training sessions on Wednesdays whenever his schedule permits. He anticipates some good-natured banter and ribbing from his teammates along the way, demonstrating the camaraderie that defines the rugby community.

As Nathaniel embarks on this exciting new chapter with Halifax, the Bradford Bulls Foundation and its community wish him the very best on his journey. We celebrate his time with the Bulls and look forward to witnessing his continued success in the sport.

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